Seven Ways to Attract the Best Talent into Insurance

The insurance industry is facing a skills crisis. Demand has never been higher for people with advanced capabilities in data and analytics. Some insurers are successfully hiring from outside of the industry to fill these critical roles. If you plan to look beyond your usual source of talent, consider the following:

1.      Be creative – look beyond financial services and identify industries where individuals with the necessary skills are being developed such as engineering, marketing or academia

2.      Be an evangelist for the insurance industry. Explain where you offer the chance to do cutting-edge research and the opportunity to analyze vast amounts of data

3.      Convey the social value of insurance to society

4.      Show how your company offers defined career paths and goals in areas such as data science

5.      Create learning and development programs that will continue to keep these individuals on the cutting-edge of their crafts and challenged

6.      Give examples of your commitment to innovation

7.      Offer work environments that will be attractive to candidates such as flexible work arrangements

The insurance industry faces competition for talent, but it provides an ideal environment for talented people to thrive. Speak up and get people excited to join the industry.

More ideas for attracting the skills you need in “Insurance Needs a Major Rebrand to Attract New Talent” in Raconteur

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