Diversity and Inclusion

At Granite International we fully understand the transformative power of great talent, and its ability to turn potential into success. We believe diversity adds strength to any organization. It’s why we are committed to the importance of diversity and inclusion. It’s been proven that skilled people from diverse backgrounds working together often develop the best solutions to the toughest challenges. For this reason, we collaborate with our clients to develop and execute an inclusive search process that results in recruiting high-performance leaders.

We begin each search process with stakeholder discussions. This helps us align our search strategy with the diversity and inclusion missions of each of our clients. Experience has taught us that actively establishing diversity and inclusion objectives and metrics early in the process is critical to achieving a successful search outcome. By leveraging our extensive network and accessing the talent pool within the insurance industry, and beyond it as well, we are able to broaden the selection of candidates.

Throughout our search process, we draw upon our training in unconscious bias. While recognizing that this is part of what makes us human, we make every effort to be aware of its influence and to thoughtfully minimize its impact in the search process. We address and remove bias by developing strategies with our clients, conducting structured interviews with diverse panels, and identifying and removing potential barriers for diversity candidates.

We are committed to learning, listening, and continually developing our search process to support diversity and inclusion.