Granite International Executive Search is a boutique firm focused on the Insurance industry.

As the insurance industry evolves, it has become increasingly important for the industry to recruit top talent from outside when the expertise or talent may not exist within the industry.  We have a track record of successfully recruiting candidates from outside the industry. We know how to position the re/insurance industry and our client organizations. We know how to get people interested for the right reasons.

 As examples, we have recruited:

  • Continuous improvement specialists from aerospace, industrial, telecom and banking

  • HR candidates from banking, consumer packaged goods, and consulting

  • Digital analytics candidates from market research, financial services and retail

  • Analytics experts from portfolio analytics companies

  • CIOs from financial services, telecom, and retail

We help clients build out their business and how they are perceived in the market

As trusted partners to our clients, we don’t just hire and walk away; we help them build out teams and transform major parts of their business.  

We act as consultants gathering key information regarding market trends, competitive positioning and other key data to help clients better understand the market and determine the right questions to ask.  

We manage the message. We change how candidates and their clients perceive the company’s value proposition.

For example:

Build-out of leadership team of a global divisioN

The company was a niche player and did not have a significant presence in the industry. We helped hire a CEO of the division. In the course of the search, they shifted their growth strategy based on new information and candidate discussions. We have since hired a number of key leaders around the globe to lead the transformation and grow the business.  

Build out of a specialty capability

A leading organization lacked expertise in an important specialty area. It had become an important area for the industry and its absence was negatively impacting the company’s core business. We hired top industry leaders and they transformed the company into a market leader.

Built a leadership team at a reinsurer

Led the company to pivot from a narrow, niche player into a multi-line business at a time when that specialty area was becoming less important. The new leadership team we hired transformed the company to become an important player in the evolving market.

Executive search excellence for the Insurance industry since 2004


We help clients hire candidates who often go on to great success, far beyond the role for which they were hired.  

We are not just trying to fill a role. Rather, we work with our clients to find future stars that can have a much broader impact within the organization.

For example:

A line of business underwriting leader — promoted to Chief Underwriting Officer of large division of the company

Chief Accounting Officer — promoted to Chief Operating Officer of the company

Chief Actuary of Division — promoted to Chief Actuary of the global company

Business unit leader — promoted to Global Head of Division

Better Insights. Better Candidates. Better Results