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+ Case Study 1: Hiring a Head of Analytics to lead an enterprise transformation

A large insurer was preparing to expand its business by building a direct to consumer online platform. The Company sought a leader in analytics to leverage internal and third party data to successfully compete in the new market segment. The expertise did not exist within the insurance industry. We successfully recruited a market leader from on-line retail with deep experience leveraging sophisticated data. He led the company through the successful build-out of the direct distribution business. He built a team that was able to bring new insights to all facets of the business including sales, marketing and underwriting.


We strategically pursued candidates in industries that were at the leading-edge of leveraging third party data. We were able to provide a compelling narrative to attract candidates who would otherwise not have considered a role in the insurance industry.

+ Case Study 2: Building a team to drive new lines of business

Our client required a market leader that would drive growth in multiple new lines of business. We attracted a senior executive from a market leader to head the new division and then assisted that executive with building out the management team.

The division became a profitable contributor to the bottom line and integral to the core business.


We identified market leaders from areas unfamiliar to our client and provided valuable market intelligence which helped the company hire the right leader to expand the business.

+ Case Study 3: Hire a CEO to build a global business

A client sought to hire a CEO of its global Life reinsurance business and to reposition the Company in a market leadership role. We conducted a global search and recruited candidates from Europe, Asia and North America to assume the role. We then helped hire key leaders to take on executive roles in Europe and North America to drive the growth agenda.


We leveraged our global network to identify and qualify the most suitable candidates for the role. We were able to draw in reluctant candidates based on our ability to convey the unique opportunity and the strengths of the company. We were able to have thoughtful conversations that resulted in candidates changing their minds from unwilling candidates to engaged candidates.

+ Case Study 4: Hiring a business unit President to expand a North American Reinsurance operation

The leadership of a company sought to significantly grow a stable but relatively narrowly focused North American business. We hired a senior leader who was able to significantly expand the business into new lines of business and drive profitable growth.


We were able to provide important market data and insights to our client from across the globe to help make an informed decision on which candidate to hire.

+ Case Study 5: Multiple leadership hires transformed an organization

A large financial services company in transition sought our assistance to attract forward-thinking leaders that would transform the organization. Over a period of several years, we placed a number of executives that were instrumental in the successful restructuring of the core business operations.


We targeted and successfully recruited leaders from both within and outside the sector that would bring new approaches and the ability to penetrate new markets. Our thorough knowledge of our client’s business and its Company culture helped us to successfully engage and place executives who would have a significant impact. In addition to the hires, we provided valuable market intelligence and compensation benchmarking information.

+ Case Study 6: Hiring a new Head of a large business unit following the departure of a team

A large reinsurer had experienced the departure of several senior members of an important business unit. We helped recruit a market leader to lead the operation, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the line of business.


We were able to engage candidates who were reluctant to consider the opportunity by carefully listening to their reservations and working with the client to thoughtfully address them.

+ Case Study 7: Hiring a leader to re-establish the company’s presence in a line of business

The Company had sought to re-enter a market segment that had re-emerged as an increasingly important segment in the global insurance marketplace. We attracted an experienced leader who brought immediate credibility, and also brought experience and leadership that could be applied beyond the role.


In a relatively small market, we were able to leverage our knowledge and network to draw in candidates who may otherwise not have been on our client’s radar. We were also able to engage candidates that the client did not believe would have been interested in the role.

+ Case Study 8: Upgrading a function and talent

A large insurer focused on integrating leading-edge analytics to improve risk selection and the bottom line was seeking a new Chief Actuary to lead the transformation. The role required a strategic thinker to lead the introduction of innovative analytic tools, build a strong team to support the change, and work closely with the business leaders.

We successfully recruited a candidate who had extensive experience in both actuarial and business roles and proven management skills and experience. In a short period of time the placed candidate introduced leading analytic capabilities, doubled the size of the team, and gained the buy-in of business leaders to transform the manner in which the business was priced and segmented.


We articulated the opportunity to play a key role in contributing to the transformation of the business to a targeted group and identified a senior actuary with a broad background in actuarial and business roles. We also worked closely with the Company to facilitate the relocation of the candidate and his family.

+ Case Study 9: Driving a diversity and inclusion agenda

A client organization had embarked on a talent acquisition initiative to significantly add the number of diversity hires at the senior leadership level to align with its global diversity and inclusion strategy. We partnered with the executive leadership, business unit leaders and HR business partners to develop creative solutions to expand the pool of diversity candidates each search which resulted in the successful hire of a number of diversity candidates to leadership roles.


We introduced creative approaches to help expand the pool of diversity candidates. We coached the business leaders to create work environments that would be desirable to a broader range of candidates.